Xinyi Health Retreatment


The Xinyi health retreatment is about 10 forms, it's study from 10 kinds of animals as Dragon, Tiger, Bear, Horse, Monkey, Chicken, Snake, Swallow, Sparrow hawk, Eagle.

Human imitate animal’s action is very good for health, and it's a sport from inner body system to outside. (it's the most deferent with most sports. that's why in China, Taichi, Bagua and Xinyi, we call them INNER martial arts). It could improve your inner Meridian and Blood circulation, so it'll make your body clean from inside, as clean a dirty cloth, especially for middle age up person. As long as you keep practice it day by day, you will get good feedback definitely. Normally after two months keeping practice, you will feel it. It'll make you feel more mentally balance, more energy, good appetite in food (:-)) and more comfortable to stay peace or move up with your body. If you keep practice it's longer, it'll be improve your health deeper, you could improve your body function in high blood pressure, heart disease, cervical spondylosis, insomnia, constipation, diabetes and so on...

Xinyiliuhe Quan Single Pose

Private Lesson

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